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こうそく(校則) School Regulations

How well do you know your own school rules?
Draw up the following table, and in pairs, write your school rules that you know of in 2 minutes!

Australia (Your School) Japan


Now, watch the following video to find out the general school rules of Japanese high schools, and fill in the table. 


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Ordering at a Japanese Restaurant

Watch the following video and pay attention to the expression used by the staff and the customer.

Let’s learn how to order!


Here is a dialogue scaffold.

In pairs or groups of three, role-play a restaurant scene.



  • いらっしゃいませ。(Welcome!)
  • 何にしますか。(What would you like?)
  • かしこまりました。
    (=わかりました。Polite form meaning “Okay/Certainly/I understand.”)
  • しょうしょうおまちください。
    (=ちょっとまってください。Polite form meaning “Please wait a moment.”)