What’s the point?

Art can be produced for various purposes. It can simply be a record and a description of what the artist sees; for entertainment or practicality. However, often they serve more than just duplicating the reality. Watch the video below to learn about five (5) more reasons art is produced.

  1. Art makes us hopeful.
  2. Art makes us less lonely.
  3. Art balances us.
  4. Art makes us appreciate ‘stuff’.
  5. Art can be a propaganda for what matters.

Activity 1

  1. Get an A3 paper and divide it into six boxes.
  2. Write your name in the first box and draw yourself realistically. Be true to yourself. No representation/abstract ideas. Just draw yourself as you are. You may use a mirror or a selfie. (2-3 minutes)
  3. Watch the following video
  4. Write 3 words that describe your picture No. 1
  5. Label the second box: Art keeps us hopeful.
    Draw yourself again in a hopeful and positive light. Do not enhance your features etc. This task is about making the art look delightful to see.
  6. Art makes us less lonely.
    Draw yourself again, this time including hardships you are going through. The point of the activity is to let the audience know about the difficulties you are facing and to reassure them that it is normal for them to also feel similar emotions.
  7. Art balances us.
    Think about an area/s that you may ‘lack’ and want to improve. This can be related to your physical appearances, personalities and/or abilities. Draw yourself to who/what you want to be and want to be seen as. (Ideal self)
  8. Art helps us to appreciate stuff.
    Think about features of your life and surroundings that may deserve more appreciation than it already has. Focus on the people/object and draw this in relation to yourself.
  9. Art is a propaganda for what really matters.
    Draw a propaganda about what matters to you and would like others to support you.


Activity 2

Compare your pictures from frame to frame. Reflect on how the purpose of the art can change perception and illustration of one person/object.


Activity 3

  1. Observe the following Japanese artwork.
  2. Using the five (5) reasons of artwork from above, identify the purpose of the art. Discuss and identify the features that inform you in making the decision.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Activity 4

  1. Choose one (1) purpose of art from the above five.
  2. Download the following colouring sheets.
  3. Add your own features and colours to the represent the purpose you have chosen. e.g. If you want to make the artwork ‘hopeful’ you may add symbols like the ‘sun’ and colour the picture with warm colours.


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