Student Engagement Contract

You must choose at least one activity from each layer. To complete this unit successfully, attempt activities needed to add up to the required assessment points in each layer – refer to the Activity Menu.


  1. Complete and sign the Student Engagement Contract.
    1. Select activities from the Activity Menu and write the corresponding points in the spaces provided.
  2. Negotiate the due date with the teacher and write in the spaces provided.
  3. Complete tasks you have selected – Collect activity sheets from the teacher where necessary.
  4. Once each assignment is completed, present it to the teacher. The teacher will write their initials once the tasks are completed satisfactorily in the space provided.


  Activities Points Due Date Teacher Initial
Layer A        
Layer B        
Layer C        

I have read the Unit Outline and I understand the objectives and expectations of the unit. The selected activities on the Student Engagement Contract add up to the minimum required points. I will work to the best of my ability to successfully complete the selected activities by the negotiated due date.

Student Name:                                                                                            Date:                                   

Student Signature:                                                                                          

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