Layer C Activity Menu

Layer C (55 points required)

  1. Read the profiles of Japanese people on 「どんな人?」 and answer the questions. (10 points)
  2. Read the worksheet, ‘Different Colours’ and attempt all questions and activities in ‘Questions’, ‘Have a think’ and ‘Have a go’. (15 points)
  3. Create a tutorial video on one of the grammar structures you have learnt in this unit Explore using Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Spark or PowToon for effective videos. See examples below. (25 points)

  4. In groups of two, record a video of a role-play. You are meeting each other tomorrow with Emily. One person is already a friend of Emily; the other person has never met Emily. You are to discuss the meeting, and ensure the other person will be able to find Emily if she arrives early. (25 points)
  5. Create a reading/listening comprehension task to assess understanding of the topic. Use the 3-level guide (on the line, between the line and beyond the line) to help you create questions and answers. (30 points)
  6. Research about a Japanese fashion subculture group and attempt all activities below (or accessible from Present your finding as an A3-sized poster. (30 points)

  7. Create a resource package of one grammar structure you have learnt in this unit. See example/s below. The package should include:
    – Purpose/Use,
    – How to…,
    – Examples and
    – Activities for other students to work on.

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