How to Start a Lesson (keirei)

KEIREI (けいれい) is a classroom greeting procedure that is performed at the start and end of each lesson, or when a teacher enters the classroom.

  1. The inchou (いんちょう:class representative) says KIRITSU(きりつ)
    Everyone stands up
  2. The いんちょうsays CHUUMOKU(ちゅうもく)
    Everyone stands at attention
  3. The いんちょうsays REI(れい)
    Students bow and say:SENSEI(せんせい)+
    OHAYOUGOZAIMASU (おはようございます)before recess or
    (こんにちは)after recess or
    (ありがとうございました)at the end of the lesson

    The せんせい replies:
    MINASAN (みなさん)and same greeting as above
  4. The いんちょうsays CHAKUSEKI (ちゃくせき)
    Everyone sits.

Bowing appropriately


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