Making Reservations

In order to express your desire to make a  reservation for basically anything, you should use 〜をよやくしたいんですが…

Remember, we’ve learnt that 〜が… is often used to omit the latter part of speech as the implication is clear, yet you may not wish to make direct statements.

For example:


The above sentence suggests that you’d like to reserve a return ticket to Kyoto and what is omitted is that you are expecting or requesting them to help you purchase the ticket without being too direct.


In this sentence, although not always common, it could also be suggested that the speaker is wanting to know the price for a first class seat.


Use the phrase to start the conversation at the きっぷうりば (ticket office) and continue with the expressions you have learnt in the section on buying a ticket.

Let’s watch the following videos to hear the dialogue you may have when reserving flight tickets or seats.

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